Thursday, July 21, 2022


"Don't forget to Wash the Blood off his hands,"  by COSIMO

Gaslighting is a term used to describe the manipulation of individuals, in which the abuser attempts to cause confusion in the minds of the recipients, in order to achieve power and control over them, generally through intentional distortion of reality and truth. After studying material on this technique, which is published by mental health professionals, I have come to the conclusion that this method has been successfully employed against the people of the Republic of Malta, by its disgraced former Prime  Minister, Joseph Muscat. In his case, it was to deceive the voters, so that they would repeatedly vote for Muscat's Labour Party, irrespective of the problems Malta was experiencing whether they be financial, legal or otherwise.

Read through these elements of the technique, and see how each and every one of these is applicable to Muscat's political career, why he continues to all the shots in Malta, behind the scenes, as the ultimate power broker, and why he cannot be allowed to reinvent himself. and seize power again.

1. Lying about, or denying something, and refusing to admit the lie, even when the proof have been shown to you. EGRANT and responsibility for the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia come to mind.

2. Insisting that an event or behaviour you witnessed never happened, or that you remembered it wrong.

3. Spreading rumours or gossip, especially about whistleblowers or others, or telling the recipients that others are talking about them.

4. Changing the subject, or refusing too listen, when confronted by a lie.

5. Telling those that call you out in a lie that they are overreacting.

6. Shifting blame to others, asserting that it's really their fault not his.

7. Trying to smooth things over, using language intended to reassure the recipient, but then not following through with actions that match the words used.

8. Twisting the facts of a story, to minimize his behaviour.

9. Minimising hurtful or illegal behaviour.

10. Seeking to separate the recipients from those who recognize this behaviour through untrue allegations designed to ridicule our denigrate them, or their truthfulness.

How many of these manipulative techniques can you recall Joseph Muscat using on the voters of Malta ? All of them, in my book. Do not permit him to return to power; he has little or no concern for the welfare of there Maltese, and only wants to stay on to, whilst his corrupt actions fill his pockets, and those of his associates, at the peoples' expense. 

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