Sunday, July 31, 2022


It has come to our attention that WINSTON CLARKE and his partner-fiancee', VALERIE-SUZETTE JEAN-MARIE, who are holding themselves out as the paralegal firm STEELE AND CLARKE, are attempting to do damage control, after we exposed them as unqualified. They are alleging they have "certificates" and more, in support of their ability to provide legal representation to Bajan clients.

They have failed to produce any evidence in support of their claims, and frankly, in a profession so corrupt as the Barbados legal community, what they will eventually present as proof will probably be bogus and suspect. Certificates can be bought in Barbados, including from the Supreme Court. Neither of these individuals have graduated from any accredited university programme; whatever they will produce cannot be backed up by actual attendance at an educational facility accepted by the legal community.

Second, regarding Clarke's allegation that he works for several lawyers, the full name of a paralegal is PARALEGAL ASSISTANT. That means he or she works directly for, and under the supervision of, licensed attorneys, in their law office. True paralegals do not have clients; the clients are those of the lawyers that they work under. 

(1) They do not maintain a separate company, in a different location. To do so is deceptive and misleading.

(2) Paralegals' work is regularly monitored by their supervising lawyer or lawyers; with the exception of preparation of forms and the like, they do not compose original legal court pleadings, or appear before a court for any purpose.

 (3) They do not give legal advice to clients; that's the sole job of the attorneys.

(4) They do not invoice the lawyers' clients. That is done by the attorneys' business assistants or the attorney himself.

(5) They never render legal opinions about a client's case. They are unqualified to do so.

Any Bajans who, after understanding the lack of qualifications of Clarke and "Steele," decide to use their  "services," do so at their peril.

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