Saturday, July 9, 2022


The senior leadership in the Government of Malta has been repeatedly checking on the status of arrested former Maltese gaming official IOSIF GALEA, seeking clues about whether he has committed to cooperate with the authorities on two pending matters he is facing in Germany. One source in Italy advises that his extradition to Germany is imminent, and officials in Malta have been observed to be anxious about  rumours of his departure from Italy.

One of our ex-PL sources explained that there are three definite targets, if and when Galea commences to cooperate: Joseph Muscat, Michelle Muscat, and a third name which I have promised not to publicly reveal. For those reasons, we understand that Maltese representatives in Italy are pressuring their diplomatic contests to have Galea extradited, not to Germany, but instead to Malta, where he also faces pending charges. Most Malta observers believe that, should he be sent to Malta, his case will be deliberately slow-walked, due to his relationship to MM. Also, the Gayle Kimberly matter has come up in conversation.


"Direct Link between Money Launderer Arrested in Italy and Joseph Muscat"

Galea's allegedly prominent role in money laundering through Malta's gaming industry, and his reputed expertise in that activity, is said to have upset a number of individuals in Malta, who see themselves as potential targets, should Galea provide German law enforcement with incriminating evidence, documenting his Maltese "clients."

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