Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Second floor explosion debunks police theory of gas fire suicide

If you read yesterday's article, Barbados Lawyer Allison Lovell and her Entire Family were Assassinated in a money Laundering Deal Gone Bad,  you know that there are two other co-conspirators in Lovell's money laundering operation. Whilst we do not have absolute confirmation of their identities, our sources have given us some additional information, which we are withholding for their obvious safety. It is humbly suggested that they surrender themselves to law enforcement abroad, and cooperate with the authorities. For that purpose, Suga Dee of has asked that they contact him, in confidence, so that he may assist them. 

No sooner was the Lovell funeral over, than efforts appeared to apparently seek to rehabilitate Allison Lovell's family image, to humanise them, in light of the negative stories which had appeared in local Bajan press. Given yesterday's news, those efforts verge upon a campaign of disinformation, designed to counter emerging pubic opinion about her lavish lifestyle, and her failure to make restitution, over a period of many years, to her victim.


"We are the sum total of all our parts: all our good and all our bad.

As humans, we are each trying to navigate this life the best way

we can. We won't always get it right or make the best choices.

But we don't need to be flawless to deserve love or compassion

or grace. I made so many mistakes and bad calls, (financially

and otherwise especially during my 20" s) that they loved me

through. Glen taught me to be strong and wise and helped

remove much of my childhood naïveté that so many people used

to manipulate me back then. Allison was always gentle and kind.

I didn't agree with all their decisions, but I didn't need to in order

to love them. I wasn't always able to help them or be for them

what they may have needed. And sometimes I didn't even know

they were in need and wish they had reached out. Many of us

who knew them, knew they were very kind and giving people.

Thev were more than the mistakes they made. They were both

the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, the wise and the

foolish. Regardless of rumours or whatever the investigations

mav reveal, I will continue to view them with compassion and

remember them for ALL they were, and all they were to me.

Yesterday I said goodbye to their physical selves for the last

time. But they, especially Glen, will remain with me in spirit. 

Lovell's Colombian drug money laundering scandal, which was the cause of her violent death, is a direct conflict with the wholesome family image that her proponents seek to establish in the public arena. We shall continue our investigation, and report back to our readers forthwith on all unfolding developments. Stay tuned.


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