Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Ezra Alleyne, a powerful Barbados attorney, passed away recently; he was mourned by the Country's Prime Minister and others as an able Parliamentarian. He also left a long trail of victims, mostly women, from whom he had accepted money in trust, and later failed to return or account for; in other words, theft.  Known as a charmer and ladies' man, Alleyne lavished attention on his trusting female clients, only to later steal their money land ignore their pleas. Additionally, some Bajans have complained that he was guilty of repeated sexual harassment. 

We have a report that one victim, who lived in Canada, lost about $200,000, and therefore couldn't pay for her son's university education. Alleyne allegedly developed a drug habit back in the 1980s, which may explain why he stole so much of his clients' money. His habit also affected his health. The ups and downs of addiction may have spawned his decades of criminal conduct.

One victim, who  was living abroad, had been lured by Alleyne into placing her money with him, so that the mortgage payments on her home would be paid punctually. She later found out, to her dismay, when a banker advised her that her property was going up for sale, that he had failed to discharge his duty. Only through a direct threat to report the lawyer to the Chief Justice and the Governor-General was the property saved. Some clients were forced to retain new counsel, simply to get their files and documents back, after Alleyne neglected and ignored their calls, often for years, which often reflected negatively on the outcome of those cases.

 Another victim was lured into placing an "investment" with the attorney. Where she later sought to retrieve the principal, to make other use of the funds, she only received a few paltry partial payments, which then stopped altogether. She never received her funds, amounting to a loss of over six figures.

Notwithstanding all these. misdeeds, and crimes, Alleyne was able to escape accountability from the Barbados Bar Association, through the services of his lawyer, and fellow BLP Party member, David Simmons, who later became Attorney General. Alleyne openly bragged that he coached Simmons in his legal arguments to the BBA, which allowed him to escape from the consequences of his crimes. Whether Simmons is legally liable for facilitating Alleyne's life of crime should be examined by his many victims.

Alleyne's first wife, with whom he had three children, divorced him when she could no longer stomach his repeated misdeeds, which included his sexual exploits, which were well known. The lawyer remarried; his current wife, who works in his office, often covered for his failure to return calls from unhappy clients demanding their money back.

His unexpected demise, with a number of open and pending files, leaves those clients, who paid him for their services. based upon his reputation for using legal technicalities to obtain favorable results for clients, in a situation where they will now be forced to pay another attorney for the work Alleyne failed to complete.

It is not known whether there are any funds, or other assets, available to pay the clients who were cheated by their thieving lawyer, but those who praised Alleyne in the media are covering up a life punctuated by massive theft and dishonesty. His victims will never recover their funds; if he left any real estate, let us hope the victims will be able to receive at least a portion of what is now a total loss. He is gone, but the damage he did to the citizens of Barbados will not soon be forgotten by his victims. 

A note to PM Mottley: Any portrait of him posted to the wall of any government building will most likely be promptly damaged beyond repair.


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