Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Attorney Vonda Pile's home; keep her there, please, for the public good. 

Whilst serving a three-year sentence for stealing funds entrusted to her by a client, and being charged, again, with additional criminal conduct by a former client, we have found yet another case where the veteran attorney should be charged and sentenced to still more prison time. How many of her clients will surface alleging attorney misconduct ? We cannot say, but there is a troubling pattern here.

Pile's defence at trial, in the case she is imprisoned for, was that she wanted to charge her client additional fees (excessive fees, perhaps ?), and the client did not agree, so she kept all his money. This is a lawyer with a 30-year history; does she not know that extorting money from a client is not only bad form, it is illegal ? Such arrogance verges on hubris.

Obviously, there is no Continuing Legal Education requirement to practise law in Barbados, for with the dozens of Bajan lawyers accused of misconduct, grand theft, and land fraud, such an annual seminar should be mandatory for Barbados' ethically challenged bar. These lawyers are actually thieves in disguise. stealing form the very clients who can least afford to be crime victims.  

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