Wednesday, July 27, 2022


What you are looking at is a client's authorization to be represented in all legal matters, including but not limited to civil or criminal litigation, or probate (estate) matters, and before any government or private entity. The problem is, the individual and entity named is NOT a lawyer, or firm licensed to practise law in Barbados. Whilst it purports to retain a legal representative, there is no lawyer to accept that authorisation.

WINSTON DECOURCEY CLARKE, also known as JOSEPH (JOE) GRIFFITH, who is holding himself out to the public as "The agency STEELE & CLARKE," is a felon, with multiple convictions, and who has served significant prison time, is a self-declared paralegal assistant, with no legal experience or training, or professional certificate or other qualification, who is reportedly earning a living through the open and notorious unauthorized practice of law. He is not affiliated with, nor working under, any Bajan attorney with a law license, openly soliciting business in Barbados, especially to victims of land fraud. Whether he is deceiving the public about his legal status and ability to represent clients is an issue for a court of competent jurisdiction to resolve. His customers are in danger; they trusted an unqualified person who could make their legal problems worse. They take his arrogance as evidence of competency.

Winston Clarke a/k/a Joe Griffith

If you are wondering where the other name on his masthead comes from, it is reportedly the maiden name of Clarke's fianceƩ, VALERIE-SUZETTE JEAN-MARIE, (who it seems is still married to someone else), and who assists him in his "paralegal" activities; they work out of a home office. Apparently, Clarke solicits "clients" from within Barbados, and Valerie obtains hers from the UK and Europe, mainly estate matters, which generally involve only the filing of forms, in mainly office practise, not in court, which is probably why the Barbados Bar Association has not yet shut down his illegal practice of law. Valerie's LinkedIn page claims that she is an "independent accounting professional."

Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie

Clarke derives business support, to some extent from the local Muslim community; he apparently converted after he was released from prison, not for reasons of faith, but for the business contacts he would acquire; apparently, he is quite frank about this aspect of his business. He claims to be a reformed criminal, who is now a social activist; his anti-vaccine activities have disrupted the COVID programme in Barbados.

The ability of Winston Clarke to openly hawk his "legal services" in Barbados is but one indication of the legal chaos that presently exists on the country, meaning that there are no entities that enforce professional standards for lawyers, and a judiciary that ignores its responsibilities to the public. May God help the poor clients seeking legal redress in Barbados' courts.


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