Tuesday, August 3, 2021


                             Muscat taking Malta to the Edge of the Abyss  by COSIMO

 If you thought that Malta's former prime minister, Joseph Muscat, is a nice guy, think again; he can be brutal. Ignoring his probable role in the assassination of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, he is also guilty of ordering the Malta Security Service, a shadowy government agency that uses violence to control opponents of the Labour government, to commit Human Rights violations against them.

Here's a typical case; I personally know the victim. He is one of the known whistleblowers, who have been quite vocal in exposing the hidden links between the regime and multinational corporations. He is known to, and has had direct contact, not of a friendly nature, with Joseph Muscat, who has detailed the MSS to harass, and even attempt to kill, the whistleblower.

1. He is not a Maltese citizen, and Muscat has used his influence to prevent him for obtaining gainful employment ever since his whistleblowing activities became widely known, leaving him to subsist on meager personal funds and government assistance. This is a violation of his rights as the citizen of an EU member country.

2. More recently, the MSS was instrumental in seeing that his water, and later his electric, was disconnected, to force him to endure the tortuous Maltese Summer without the ability to cool his residence. 

3. The MSS used an Indian national, in an undercover role, to attack him, to accuse him of assault, and to seek to embed himself in his residence, for an unknown purpose, in order to ultimately see that he is expelled from Malta, on trumped-up charges.

4. Last December, the MSS attempted to kill this man. It engineered a hit-and-run accident, against him as a pedestrian on the street. Its efforts to run him over failed, only due to his quick thinking, but it is feared that there will be other attempts.

This brave soul has connected the Labour government to complicated transnational crime in ways that this blogger can barely follow, and he therefore poses a direct threat to Muscat & company. No wonder they want him dead. To say his Human Rights have been violated is an understatement.

We trust that he will continue to survive his trials, and eventually give expert testimony about the complex, covert methods through which corruption flourishes in the Republic of Malta, and how international corporations pay bribes & kickbacks to greedy, amoral government officials, who line their pockets with lucre while the people of Malta pay inflated prices for everything.

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