Thursday, August 5, 2021




 Nobody seems to want to raise the issue, so we at the Blog will shout it out loud:  CANCEL THE ELECTROGAS CONTRACT AS IT WAS NOT AUTHORIZED BY PARLIAMENT. Any first-year law student knows that any major agreement that a country enters into must have the approval of its people, which occurs through their elected leaders. This means that an agreement intended to run for eighteen years and which will literally cost billions of Euros to consumers must be passed by Parliament.  This is not in dispute.

Of course, this is Malta, where corruption infects every bloody transaction; Labour Party leaders, as well as Azeri organized crime  elements, and their PEP allies, in both Azerbaijan as well as Malta, stood to makes an obscene amount of money through bribes & kickbacks in the deal, so  Parliament is bypassed.

Malta's honest lawyers should take a close look at the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court, and if they are satisfied that there is a jurisdictional basis, file an action requesting that the Court find the contract void as a matter of law, and declaring it of no further force and effect. It will never survive judicial scrutiny.

While we are on the subject, the country's poor excuse for a competent Attorney General VICTORIA BUTTIGIEG, who actually had the temerity to render an opinion that the country could properly enter into the agreement without the required Parliamentary approval and consent, should be sacked forthwith for both corruption, and legal malpractice. She obviously is a toady for the Labour Party, whose officials received bribes to push the contract through. Kick her out the door, Malta, sooner, rather than later. 

Why is this Blog the only media calling for the cancellation of the Electrogas Agreement ? Wake up Malta, before you becomes so isolated due to your corruption, and you  end up like Libya under Ghaddafi, a  global pariah.

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