Tuesday, August 17, 2021


                                                               Jordan Azzopardi

In yet another court ruling in Malta that demonstrates how rampant corruption endangers the public, JORDAN AZZOPARDI, an alleged drug trafficker and career criminal, has been released on bond. The court reportedly released him because he has been in jail for more than two years since his March 2019 arrest, and his case has not gone to trial during that time, citing European Court of Human Rights decisions as authority for his release. He has been repeatedly been called "The El Chapo of Malta" by local media. 

The defendant, an alleged trafficker in Cocaine, Heroin and Cannabis, faces charges that include:

 1.Money Laundering.

 2.Drug Trafficking. 

3.Criminal Conspiracy.

 4.Circulation of Counterfeit Currency.

 5.Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm. 

6.Threatening and Injuring a Victim. 

7.Violating the Conditions of Bail.

 He has reportedly entered a plea of not guilty to the charges. The case has NOT been set for trial.

 In any normal democratic country where the Rule of Law was observed, Azzopardi would be held until trial as a danger to the Public, if not also due to his status as a Flight Risk, due to his occupation, wealth in cash in his possession when arrested, and known criminal conduct he operated what have been described as drug trafficking dens, retail drug sales operations, which are a threat to public health and domestic stability, in that they foster addition in the community. Maltese insiders have speculated that the release of such a dangerous criminal is due to the fact that he has political protection, due to the intervention of an unknown senior government official, Given the known close relationship between the current government and the Maltese Mafia, which works closely with Sicilian organized crime groups, it is obvious that word came down from Castillem the seat of government, to release him. 

In Malta, where corruption is deeply embedded in the court system, he may never see the inside of a courtroom. perhaps the evidence will disappear from the police property room; alternatively, the case will fester in the system for several years, after which successor prosecutors and police officials will announce that there was insufficient evidence to convict him, and the charges will be dismissed. In another alternative, what is referred to Compilation of Evidence, which are pretrial proceedings, will never be completed, and some reason will be found to let the case linger indefinitely, in what amount to a de facto acquittal.

 The European Union found that all criminal cases rot in the Maltese court system for four times what they take to go to trial, when compared to case in other EU Member states. That's because those in power in government want them to be subject to indefinite postponement, and Justice Delayed is certainly Justice Denied in the Republic of Malta. If you have powerful partners in government, or are able to pay substantial bribes, you too can commit crimes with total impunity.

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