Sunday, August 29, 2021


The Circus Goes on  by COSIMO

With rumours of a General election in November in abundance, the most recent election poll was published yesterday. Objectively, it should be totally ignored, for it is not only inaccurate, due to factors specific to Malta (and any other country where there there is retribution for voting against the party in power) as well as a methodology that would appear to deliberately plan on a an outcome favourable to the Labour Party. While this is not one of those polls conduced by the pollster who also works for PL, it is nevertheless tainted and not reliable.

While we have previously* detailed why Maltese election polls are not to be trusted, let's examine this one in depth, so that our readers may understand why:

(1) First of all, the sample is far too small; questioning only 600 individuals, in a country of over 310,000 known voters is intellectually dishonest. How can one rely upon a survey of such small proportions ?

(2) Second, over 25% of those in the survey declined to provide an answer when questioned as to which party they will vote for in the next election. Insiders know that Maltese, whose names, addresses and occupations are known to the pollster, properly fear loss of jobs, or some other favour doled out by the PL, and for that reason wish to not respond to that question. Therefore, how can the pollster say the Margin for Error is only 4% ? A more accurate figure would be 10-15%.

(3) Third, for the reason stated in (2), many Maltese chose to flat out lie to the pollster, which skews the accuracy of the statistics, and makes the survey totally unreliable. There is a culture of fear in Malta on the part of people whose opinions are requested, for they are apprehensive of the consequences of honest answers, pushback from PL operatives. You had better not tell the truth, if you do not want to be hurt economically.

(4) Fourth, the survey reportedly concentrates upon individuals in Inner Harbour areas and Valletta, whose lower income residents invariably support Labour. The survey, to be accurate, should have split the 600 evenly between the Districts. You will notice that there is no mention in the reports that this was done.

Therefore, the bottom line ostensible results, that Labour's alleged majority of over 50%, versus that of Nationalists' supporters of only just over 40%, is not only wrong, it is deceptive and intellectually dishonest. Do NOT trust it. PN is obviously on a good recovery of voters, and the pollster seeks to hide that fact.

Look at the conclusion: The [Nationalist] party continues to trail badly in the polls, with surveys indicating the PL is on course for another easy victory. That's BS and PL propaganda of the highest order. When will we see an honest election poll in Malta ?


*Pro-Labour Media Publishes Deceptive Election Poll with Bogus Data to Mislead Voters;  June 6, 2021.

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