Wednesday, August 18, 2021



                                           Alex Saab Moran                     Camila Fabbri


 It may be a minor point for most observers of the ongoing extradition saga involving ALEX NAIN SAAB MORAN, the fugitive Colombian money launderer who is the personal laundryman of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but it may be a central point of Saab's strategy. His wife, the Italian model, CAMILA FABBRI, relocated to Moscow, in a move that might be more significant than it appears to be on the surface.

 Ms. Fabbri, who has herself been linked to money laundering in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, could be the subject of a sealed American Federal indictment in the Southern District of Florida. Other Saab family members (e.g. Amir Saab and Luis Saab) are known to be involved in moving criminal proceeds for him, on both sides of the family, and many of them are directly connected to Fabbri. 

 Given that a large portion of the Venezuelan "flight capital" (funds embezzled from government, or fraudulently obtained through preferential government contracts, is in US Dollars, which confers jurisdiction over Fabbri, it raises an important issue: Can the US Department of Justice extradite Fabbri from Western Europe, and barter her immunity from prosecution in exchange for his entering a guilty plea, and subsequently rendering Substantial Assistance against major targets of the DOJ ?

 Could the prospect of Fabbri receiving a 20-year sentence in the US for money laundering cause Saab to flip ? What do you think ? I am sure that Saab's US attorneys considered the possibility, and conveyed this to their client, who thereafter had his wife and family relocate to Russia, which most certainly does not have An extradition treaty with the US, its principal rival in winning the hearts and minds of the nations of the developing world. We call that risk mitigation; Saab most certainly calls it tying up loose ends that could come back to bite him, fatally.

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