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                                    Here I am in America's Cocaine Capital  by COSIMO

Snapshot: Two men  from Chicago are in Miami on holiday. One asks the other, "Where can we get some cocaine?  to which the other, a construction  executive who was a Vietnam veteran remarked, " I know someone."  From that casual conversation, grew a Miami-to-Midwest drug pipeline that flourished during the 1980s. ( From the censored portions of my autobiography, The Laundry Man).

Testimony, given in a Maltese court this week, confirmed that local businessman Yorgen Fenech not only planned to move to Miami permanently, but made extensive preparations to do so, which were only thwarted by his arrest for his alleged rile in the assassination of investigative reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia. Chief Investigator Keith Armaud stated that he acquired this information from correspondence between Fenech and his mother, Patricia Fenech, from the periods immediately prior to Fenech's arrest, and subsequent pretrial detention, in 2019.

According to Arnaud:

1. Fenech planned to sell his interests in the family business, conservatively estimated to be in excess of €30m, and make the move, on a permanent basis.

2. Fenech stated that he had "outgrown'' Malta.

3. Fenech had acquired photographs of suitable home in Miami, during a visit, and forwarded them to his mother for her approval.

4. Fenech had secured  information on local schools there. He reportedly had requested a detailed report.

5 He asked his mother whether she could live in Miami six months out of every year.

There are valid questions regarding whether he could qualify for permanent residence, due to his previous reported conviction, in the State of Texas, for Possession of eight grams of cocaine. Issues of substance  abuse are often cited as grounds to deny applicants residency in the United States, especially when they involve arrests. Ask any immigration attorney, Yorgen, if you don't believe me. Fenech's alleged involvement in bribes paid to senior Maltese government officials could also serve to block his efforts to become a resident. Ever heard of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ?

Don't worry Miami, he's not moving there quite yet.



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