Monday, August 2, 2021


                                         Schembri "back in the Saddle Again"  by COSIMO


Most observers of Malta's financial crime scene estimate to total illicit funds received by corrupt officials During the seven years that Joseph Muscat was its corrupt prime minister as around three hundred million Euros (€300m), with most of its now in the slippery hands of Muscat. Tha has been the consensus to date, but new figures have emerged, due to access to inside information, reportedly originating from a member of Malta's Labour Party who has become an informant for a foreign law enforcement agency.

While the original estimate appears to be correct, updated information has confirmed that Muscat has only a mere thirty million Euros; much of the balance was diverted by Muscat's slimy Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri, who was a regular conduit for the bribes Muscat received for allowing Malta's organized crime gangs to operate with impunity, and avoid arrest, and for the kickbacks from ongoing money laundering operations received as his share of the lucrative profits.

Of course, given his reputed terminal illness, Mr. Schembri may not live long enough to spend much of it, which raises the question: can it be found, seized and forfeited ? Switzerland, amongst other places he is been known to frequent, deserves to be the first place where investigators might want to make certain inquiries.

Just how much did Schembri squirrel away ? We cannot say, but already the investigators are reportedly licking their chops. It is going to get interesting, that is for certain. Let's hope all the money ends up in the national treasury, for the benefit of the people.

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