Wednesday, August 11, 2021


 Apparently the global scandal that arose when Dominica's  totally corrupt Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, traveled to the UK to sell a CBI passport to Nigeria's fugitive Oil Minister, ALISON DIEZANI-MADUEKE, for a reputed USD$2.2m in cash, continues. Now, Skerrit, who knows no shame when it comes to taking cash from fugitives, is at it again.  

It appears that his corrupt regime, which rules the Commonwealth of Dominica with an iron hand ( with Communist Chinese support), has again sold CBI passports to known criminals who are fugitives from Nigerian justice. MUYIWA FOLORUNSHO and GLORIA IGBERAESE, two Nigerian fraudsters named "Bonnie and Clyde, " and who conducted a massive investment fraud in their country.


They are wanted on an INTERPOL warrant, issued by the Nigeria Police Force. Victims have reportedly lost 1bn Naira, or USD$2.4m. They were known fugitives when Dominica issued their passports, confirming that there are no due diligence inquiries made of applicants in Dominica, so long as they have plenty of stolen money to pay for it. 

 Given that the European Union, as a matter of policy, holds that CBI passports violate basic principles of nationality, and have ordered Malta, the sole EU country still selling them, to cease and desist, it's only a matter of time until CBI passports issued by the five East Caribbean States will not be acceptable for entry there, and into the UK. At that point, Dominica's ability to sell passports to criminals may soon come to an end. We certainly hope that Europe shuts the door on the use of these facilitators of transnational white collar crime sooner rather than later, and charges Skerrit and his crew with the crimes that they deserve.

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