Wednesday, August 4, 2021


                             Can they Protect Him when It Hits the Fan ?  by COSIMO

Malta's fallen former Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, returned home on an Alitalia flight from Rome, shielded by a massive number of armed bodyguards detailed to protect him. He was accompanied by his wife Michelle, and one of his daughters. He was seen leaving MLA in two black cars, with his security entourage. We are unable to confirm whether the bodyguards were MSS, but its is assumed to be so.This means the people of Malta are paying for security of a private citizen.

Muscat reportedly lives in abject fear of an attack by Azeri assassins, on behalf of his organized crime partners who fear his potential testimony. While Maltese media has declined to discuss the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room, the public know that the Azeris scammed JM, who in turn scammed Malta. with gas purchased from SOCAR, which it had bought it from Shell, resulting in costs of double the prevailing market rate. 

 This 18-year Electrogas contract will bring the Azeris, and the Maltese & Azeri PEPs, over €1bn in profits, all at the cost of the Maltese consumer. JMs testimony could implicate powerful people in Azerbaijan, hence his fears of assassination, in the best tradition of how disagreements are settled in Malta by its own hometown Mafia. 

The proverbial chickens are now coming home to roost, amid a clamour amongt the Maltese people for accountability, and Muscat senses that he is a loose end that must be attended to, so the truth does not come out. We intend to have our sources monitor his activities, and shall report back to our readers regularly. 

We do recommend, however, that our Maltese readers avoid any situation where Muscat, or his wife Michelle are present, for your personal safety cannot be assured. as Muscat surely has a bull's eye target on his back.

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