Friday, August 20, 2021


While many people in the Republic of Malta, and even some in Maltese media, continue to berate Police Commisioner Angelo Gafa, for first promising that a "major case" (obviously Pilatus Bank) would be opened soon and then failing to take any action against Pilatus Bank Directors and owner, there's more to this story than has been publicly disclosed. This new information may explain PC Gafa's inaction, and his failure to respond to the increasing public pressure being applied against him. 

 According to a reliable source of proven accuracy, and who has insider contacts within Maltese government, Maltese law enforcement and prosecutors received specific instruction from senior government officials, ordering them to cease and desist with any prosecution of the Pilatus bank directors, and its owner, Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad. This order was based upon a request, issued by US authorities, that Malta not at this time charges the Pilatus directors. 

 While this information would seem to be contrary to the public need to enforce Malta's anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws, it does make sense when you pair it with the current belief, held by American court observes, that Hashemi Nejad provided major Substantial Assistance to US law enforcement, including information regarding laundering by major American targets, through Pilatus Bank. Given that the targets could learn of American efforts aganst them, engage in international flight to evade proecution.

 Sometimes, where the focus is upon targets of an investigation deemed by the Department of Justice to be far more important than what are regarded as less important, their prosecution, though worthy of attention, does not occur, to protect sources and methods, and key witnesses, some of whom are whistleblowers or who are in undercover status. Given the lack of Oversight, and a sufficiently prominent objective, prosecutors are free to engage to sweeping an important case, such as Pilatus Bank, under the rug. While the people in Malta certainly won't like it, they may have to accept it.

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