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Description: A unique seminar that takes attendees inside the perspective, and mind, of the money launderer, his strategies and tactics, and how his training and expertise gives him an advantage over those seeking to identify his operations, and interdict him on a real-time basis. The program examine typical money launderers, details their background and experience, and examines their toolkit and how it is successfully used.It uses the presenter's history to profile laundrymen, so as to make attendees better equipped to analyze the actions of potential targets. It also covers their approach to problem-solving, and why law enforcement and the private sector are oftenineffective against their operations. A number of their advanced, complex and esoteric techniques are examined, to further confirm their innovative style of creating new and opaque permutations and combinations of their schemes.The seminar can be given either in person or in a vitual format. (Length: three hours)

 About the Presenter: Kenneth Rijock, Financial Crime Consultant, has 40 years of relevant experience. A former Miami banking attorney, he spent a decade as a career money launderer.After serving a Federal sentence for racketeering, he has been advising law enforcement and the private financial sector since 1992. His experiences are unique in the consulting field. As the Financial Crime Consultant for World-Check, he taught and lectured in over 100 countries; he testified three times, before committees of the United States Congress, on proposed anti-money laundering legislation that was incorporated in the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. He has published Kenneth Rijock's Financial Crime Blog since 2012 (

His autobiography,"The Laundryman," was published in the UK by Penguin Press/Random House UK; Foreign publishers with local language versions in The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Mexico and China; its is widely available on the Internet.

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