Monday, February 10, 2020


Bernard "Bernie" Madoff has filed a Motion for Compassionate Release from his 150 year sentence. The grounds are (1) Terminal kidney failure, and (2) A Life Expectancy of eighteen (18) Months. Whether the most reviled white-collar criminal in American history has a chance of release remains an open question. Madoff has only served eight years of his sentence. Additionally, given that the calculation of a person's Life Expectancy is not an exact science (see SEC vs. Mutual Benefits Corp.), the defendant's attorneys' assessment of his remaining years of life is suspect at best, and most likely are completely inaccurate. Qualified assessments may vary wildly, and there are no uniform guidelines.

Given that victims are being solicited by the Court to weigh in on the motion, as the above Notice to Investors shows, the odds of his motion being granted are fair, at best. Far too many individuals lost their life savings to Madoff for any District Judge to fail to take their losses into consideration, when considering the motion.

Readers who wish to review the complete text of the 27-page Motion for Compassionate Release may access it here.

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