Sunday, February 2, 2020


Soren Dawody, far left.

It has now become evident that Soren Dawody was well known as a money launderer and facilitator of sanctions evasions for those countries facing major United Nations and United States sanctions, yet he was approved by the Government of Grenada as an approved contractor for his Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture project. His extensive money laundering activities, employing financial institutions on a global scale, could not possibly have been missed by the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee, even if they had performed only the most rudimentary due diligence investigation.

We must therefore conclude that, since the Committee was composed of seemingly responsible public servants, that corruption, on a grand scale was responsible for the apparent lapse in judgment, that illicit payments were used to grease the approval, notwithstanding that Dawody, as GSA operator, has no experience in aquaculture, and had no required government immigration consultant license in Canada, where he claimed to be engaged in business.  Even the most inexperienced compliance officer, if doing his or her duty, would have rejected him.

Given the foregoing, the Government of Grenada must accept liability to the investors and creditors of the GSA Project, and make restitution for their losses. To do otherwise forever taints the CBI program, and will most likely cause CBI consultants abroad to steer clear of the country's program, lest they find themselves personally liable to their clients for Grenada's negligence.

Will Grenada's CBI program now be the subject of an unofficial blacklist by the international community ? we cannot say, but we will be closely monitoring the government's ongoing investigation, to determine whether it will take any action to clear Grenada's CBI image, and pay its victims.

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