Thursday, June 20, 2019


A number of Syrian nationals with Antigua CBI passports have been engaged in arms trafficking and money laundering, protected by the most three senior officials in the Government of Antigua. There are reports that three Syrians who are on the OFAC sanctions list hold Antigua CBI passports, but due to the fact that the identities of these individuals are restricted, we cannot name them at this time.

 The first Syrian to obtain an Antigua CBI passport, back in 2014, curiously maintains offices in Dubai, UAE. Since then, a number of Syrians have obtained Antigua CBI passports.  Reliable sources inside Antigua have confirmed that approximately $600m has been laundered from Syria, into and through Antigua, since Syrian nationals first acquired CBI passports there.

Syrian agents who facilitate Iran's program of evasion of international sanctions are known to be operating in the West Indies, especially in those countries who offer Citizenship by Investment (CBI/CIP) programs and/or are tax havens. If you have not read our recent article Iran Evading Sanctions by Using Syrians with Antigua CBI Passports Operating in the East Caribbean States, May 21, 2019, you may access the complete text  here.

Syrian terrorist financial with ANTIGUA CBI PASSPORT

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