Wednesday, February 14, 2018


The Federal Judge who ordered Ricardo Martinelli released on bond, while his attorneys appeal the Court's order denying his Habeus Corpus petition, has stayed the release of the former president of Panama. The Attorney General objected to his release, and the Court thereafter agreed that the United States would be unable to extradite him to Panama, if he subsequently became unavailable, in  a well-reasoned opinion, that, unlike most of the pleadings in the case, is available to the public for review.

We still have no confirmation concerning precisely what grounds Martinelli's able legal team alleged in their petition. Were the extradition papers procedurally defective, or the Panama extradition statute itself fatally flawed ? We cannot say, but perhaps the appeal will settle those questions in the negative.What about the Panamanian allegations about damaging bordello visit videos of Trump, taken by Martinelli's National Security Agency spies, when trump visited the Trump Ocean Cliub ? So many issues, so little time.

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