Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Robert Allen Stanford, who is serving, in essence a life sentence (110 years), and who has brought an appeal of his conviction and sentence, has filed what he has captioned Appellant's Motion to Request that the District Court's Gag Order be Vacated, and Permission to Speak with the Media, Concerning the Status of His Appeal, with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

 A Gag Order has been in place for five years, having been entered by the trial judge, and bars the defendant, the prosecution, defense counsel, and all other participants in the case from what was referred to as "extrajudicial commentary" to the media; It was never lifted.

Since then however, both the trial judge, and the Receiver, have made comments to the media, and Stanford alleges that he has been besieged for interviews, since his appeal was filed. He further asserts that he desires to meet with the media about the ongoing appeal of his conviction and sentence, and that he has the First Amendment right to "speak freely with the press. "

Stanford also was critical of the US Attorney's Office for the delays in its filing of its Brief of Appellee, which was apparently filed right around the time he filed this motion. Inasmuch as the trial is over, there are no issues of prejudicial pretrial publicity, which might affect potential jurors. Perhaps he will now get to take the stage again, but this time as a convicted Ponzi schemer.

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