Friday, March 20, 2015


Panamanian Justice José Ayú Prado
Magistrate Justice José Ayú Prado, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama,  who already has been charged in Panama with multiple counts of corruption, is now facing an even more serious threat: a rumored sealed indictment in the United States. Will he be extradited to America, or will he cut a favorable plea agreement in the Republic of Panama, as did his predecessor, former Chief Justice Moncada Luna ?

Ayú Prado has pending Panamanian charges filed against him as follows:
(1) Obstruction of Justice.
(2) Abuse of Authority.
(3) Acting outside his Authority.

Now, rumors are swirling around Panama City that he is the subject of an indictment, in Federal Court in the United States, for misconduct that he committed while serving as Attorney General of Panama. Inasmuch as he is residing outside the United States, any and all information about this pending case will be under seal, and unavailable to anyone except American law enforcement agencies, to avoid tipping off the target, so that evades arrest by remaining outside US territory. Whether he will be extradited, or have his case heard in Panama, is not known at this time,  but his remaining tenancy at the Supreme Court of Justice is certainly going to be short.

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