Saturday, March 21, 2015


Recently, Allen Stanford, who is appealing his conviction and 110-year sentence, asked the Fifth Circuit to repeal the gag order imposed by the District Court. That order prohibits him, as well as the prosecutors, from commenting to the press regarding his case.

Stanford asserted in his motion that both the Receiver, and the trial judge, have publicly commented on the case, and that he desires to meet with the press, to tell his side of the story. I noted that the date which the Government had to respond had passed, and there was no reply, and wondered why.

We now have have our answer; rather than rule on Stanford's motion, the Fifth Circuit simply filed the original September 30, 2010 Order that prohibited the defendant, as well as prosecutors, and the agents of both sides, from commenting, "until the final disposition of this case*," which means the decision of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The case is still pending, and the order is still in full force and effect.

Regarding Stanford's complaint about public statements made by both the Receiver and the Court itself (the trial judge), please note that neither is included in the list of persons who cannot talk to the media. That is probably another reason why the appeals court saw fit to merely post the gag order, and not rule on the appellant's motion. It does show that Allen Stanford, as well as the jailhouse lawyers working on his appeal with him, are guilty of failing to pay attention to detail; otherwise, they would have known that any request to modify, or revoke, the gag order was not going to be granted; Pay attention, Mr. Stanford,
* Order at 4; case No.: 09-cr-00342 (SD TX).

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  1. If Allen Stanford were to ever be freed on a technicality it would be the biggest travesty of justice in the history of fraud rulings. His investors/victims after 6 years have only received 1 cent in the dollar and continue to suffer.

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