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Sunday, March 1, 2015


Marco Delgado Esq.
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which sits in New Orleans, has scheduled oral argument of Marco Antonio Delgado's criminal appeal for March 5, 2015. The case has attracted a large amount of public interest for a variety of reasons:

(1)  Delgado was a prominent El Paso attorney, with important connections in the Mexican political structure. Why would he cross the line, and jeopardize his lucrative law practice ?
(2) Caught red-handed laundering drug proceeds, he became a confidential informant for law enforcement, but continued in a life of crime, apparently right under the nose of his handlers.
(3) Why was he kept in a long string as an informant, which allowed him to engage in a multi-millon dollar diversion of capital, from a Mexican public works project ?
(4) Was he also tasked with obtaining information about Mexican internal politics ?
(5) Was this really a selective prosecution, meaning that he was charged, while others similarly situated were not ?
(6) Why did he stubbornly resist entering a plea, in a case that he had a very poor chance of winning at trial ?

If the Court found the appellate issues compelling enough to grant oral argument, there must be something there that caught the judges' interest.

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