Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Investors in the Republic of Panama, and the United States, who have placed funds with Gary James Lundgren, the Chairman of the Board of Interpacific Investors Services, Inc., are reporting that they are no longer receiving scheduled interest payments, and that Mr. Lundgren, a Panama resident, cannot be located. There have been rampant indications, for years, that Lundgren's promised eight per cent return was due to the fact that his venture was a Ponzi scheme, and that he paid existing investors with funds from new participants.

 Lundgren is a defendant in a number of pending cases in Panama, and he is charged with engaging in repeated frauds and theft of real estate. He forged identity documents, obtained the notarization of forged signatures, appropriated bearer share certificates of his victims, and was the major participant in organizing, and executing, the Financial Pacific/Petaquilla Mining Ltd. insider trading scandal.

 Interpacific Investors Services, Inc. is not a licensed broker-deal in Panama, but Lundgren evaded regulators, due to his close personal relationship with disgraced former Panamanian President, Ricardo Martinelli. Lundgren and Martinelli are known to have laundered criminal proceeds of David Murcia Guzm├ín's DMG pyramid scheme, and have been linked to the theft of millions of dollars of his cash, which had been bulk cash smuggled into Panama from Colombia, after Murcia was deported.
Whether Gary Lundgren faces justice in Panama will be the test of whether Panama is truly reforming its corrupt court system, where justice can be bought, or whether it remains business as usual. He has defrauded investors, homeowners, and businessmen, and it remains to be seen whether he will be adequately punished for his sins. Lundgren is reportedly under investigation by both US law enforcement agencies, and American regulators. 

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