Friday, November 28, 2014


Marco Antonio Delgado, the Prominent El Paso attorney who was convicted of money laundering conspiracy for a Mexican cartel, has had his law license suspended by the Texas Board of Disciplinary Appeals, while his criminal appeal is pending. Delgado is serving a 20-year sentence in Federal Prison. We have previously reported on the progress of this case.

The briefs are all filed with the 5th Circuit, and a fair reading of the issues and facts indicates that neither his conviction by a jury, nor his sentence, are likely to be reversed on appeal. His Guidelines sentence was actually life in prison, but it was later adjusted to 20 years. Delgado, after having been caught moving $1m in drug proceeds, became a Confidential Informant for US law enforcement, but during that time he continued to be involved in financial crime. He was also involved in the unlawful diversion of millions of dollars intended for a public works project in Mexico, and transfer of that money to accounts that he controlled in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

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