Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Take it as a given that many individuals involved in narcotics trafficking, terrorist financing, and many other major crimes have now resorted to the use of Internet technicians to interfere with the valid results of any routine Due Diligence investigation using Internet search engines. I have found that literally everybody with something to hide is doing it, which renders your searches useless, in most cases.

I am seeing what looks like a DOS ( Denial of Service) attack on one specific article on this website, which is attempting so many visits to that article, which names Colombian money launderers, and their lawyers, to interfere with the access of others. You all know, from my articles in the past, that many Venezuelan PEPs with dark pasts have flooded the world wide web with dozens of favourable articles, to push any existing negative information far to the rear pages of any Internet search.

Therefore, one must now assume that many high-risk individuals, concerned about their negative Internet portrayal, have engaged IT professionals to "correct" the truth. Frankly, the accuracy of open-source research about such targets has been greatly reduced, if not totally compromised. This mean that only Enhanced Due Diligence investigations, which accesses non-public information, will return satisfactory results; Accept no less, if you are responsible for the research.

Is the Internet now filling up with disinformation and misinformation, placed through artful "Information Management" professionals ? You bet it is; govern yourself accordingly.

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