Monday, October 21, 2019


If you look at the contracts between Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Company Limited and the investors, whom we now must regard as victims, its specifies that GSA is a Grenada company, and itS principal address is that of attorney MARGARET V.L.A. WILKINSON, who is also the Local Agent and Escrow Agent. The Agreement also specifies that any Notice filed pursuant to its terms is to be delivered to said agent. This creates a presumption that the company is local to Grenada.

Now look at the address which appears on the Internet, on websites of GSA. It shows it to be in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, 108 Sheikh Zayed Road, in the Shangri-La Hotel, Office 703. Would someone like to explain that inconsistency ? If I was a prospective investor in GSA, I would assume that its officers and staff would be in Grenada, on site or nearby, in order to efficiently and effectively create the aquaculture project. Any attorney or investigator examining the facts would question the ability of GSA to build and complete the project from afar. As it turned out, the project was not only not completed, it appears to have never been started, causing Government to cancel it in its entirety.

Victims of the scam have advised that they were ordered and directed to send payment to the UAE, and to Singapore, both jurisdictions far from the stated Grenada construction sites. If this investment capital is truly intended to be used to constructed state-of-the-art aquaculture facilities, why was it being sent to the Middle East or Far East ? These and other questions remain to be answered before a determination can be made regarding whether criminal fraud was committed, and whether the project manager, and other company officers, as well as local agents, can be charged with a crime.

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