Friday, August 17, 2018


The large number of financial crimes being committed globally by Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passports holders, and foreign nationals who have bought diplomatic passports sold by the five CBI East Caribbean states, have now caused real problems for bona fide Caribbean nationals arriving in the United Kingdom, who have nothing to do with the criminal activities of others.

West Indians are reporting that their luggage is receiving special scrutiny from the UK Border Agency, and they are being questioned extensively, under circumstances some are calling interrogations, about their visit, as well as their background, and planned activities in the UK and elsewhere. UK sources are reporting that the reason is the well-founded fear, on the part of UK authorities,that undesireable foreign nationals are accessing visa-free entry into the UK through CBI passports issued by Commonwealth of Nations states.

Additionally, UK sources have confirmed that the Border Agency is not accepting ANY Caribbean diplomatic passports at face value, unless and until the "diplomat" is duly qualified as an accredited  envoy or emissary to the UK. This means previously accepted by the UK Foreign Office, which rules out all those "pay-for-play" bogus diplomats buying their credentials in the East Caribbean. We have previously detailed specific cases where accused financial criminals have attempted to evade arrest in the UK by brandishing diplomatic passports issued by the five CBI East Caribbean states; in every instance, British law enforcement agencies have refused to accord diplomatic status to the holders.

What we are seeing is an appropriate law enforcement response to the many threats posed by the individuals who seek the protection, and privileges, of CBI and diplomatic passports, for illicit purposes, The UK doesn't want them coing for a visit and committing crimes while there. No wonder they are giving the third-degree to arriving Caribbean nationals. So long as the East Caribbean states continue tosell their passports to career criminals, sanctions and tax evaders, and corrupt Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), you can expect the UK Border Agency to look very closely at every arrival from the region.  

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