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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Leroy King and his patron, Allen Stanford
After a decade of evading extradition to face the music in the United States in the billion dollar Stanford International Bank scandal, Leroy King, the cashiered Antiguan banking regulator, is said to be seriously ill, and it is doubtful that he will live long enough to see the inside of a Federal courtroom in the United States, thereby cheating justice.

King's extradition case, which has been a textbook example of how to indefinitely delay court proceedings in a corrupt third world setting, may not have a satisfactory ending, but Karma now seems to have intervened. Had Mr. King agreed to be extradited, years ago, he would have quickly been examined, and received outstanding medical care while in the custody of the US Bureau of Prisons, probably saving his life. We wonder if this fact has occurred to Mr. King.

Will Mehul Choksi (a/k/a Jabba the Hut), also hiding out in Antigua, also fall victim to Karma ? We cannot say, but given his obvious health issues, he may also fail to be extradited from Antigua. Stay tuned.


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