Thursday, November 30, 2017


Prime Minister Keith Mitchell
Regular readers of this blog will recall our August 18, 2017 article, Applicant for Grenada Diplomatic Passport sent Million Dollars to Wells Fargo Account of Agent, which recounted the tale of a Ukrainian businessmen who was ordered to send $1m to a Singapore bank account, in order to obtain a diplomatic passport from Grenada. Newly-discovered information, obtained through an official source in Dominica, confirms that the scandal caused a panic in Grenada's government.  

Keith Mitchell, the Prime Minister of Grenada, openly fearful of probable fallout in his next election, asked his CBI Head, and personal advisor, Kaisha Ince, if she could have the article deleted from the Internet, by having a CBI consultancy handle it.

CBI head Kaisha Ince

What follows is a verbatim transcript of text messages, between these two parties. it occurred on August 19, 2017. Mitchell first texted Ince the article.

Mitchell: Kaisha, what is this article ?

Ince: PM, let me speak to them.

Mitchell: Where did he get this information ? Talk to Chris*, to take action on this. 
                 I cannot afford this kind of information to come out before the election.

Ince:  Yes, I spoke to them. They are already aware of it, and will put pressure on this
          blog writer to take the article down.

The article remains online today, and will continue to be published on this blog. Please note well that nowhere in the conversation was there a denial of the accuracy of the information appearing in the article, only a demand to know where the information came from. Further, the Ukrainian applicant later not only confirmed his story, he disclosed that another businessman from his country had also applied for a Grenada diplomatic passport.

We will be publishing two additional articles on official misconduct in Grenada, again supplying complete transcripts of text conversations, and as they are extremely disturbing, we shall post a warning regarding their content.
* It is believed that this is a reference to a senior officer at Henley & Partners, Christian Kalin.


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