Thursday, May 21, 2015


Ricardo Martinelli Linares
Journalists in the Republic of Panama have been warned not to write any negative articles about former Panamanian President Martinelli, although he is facing no less than twelve separate criminal cases, that are all being handled by anti-corruption prosecutors. These threats are believed to have come from members of Martinelli's political party.There have also been warnings, conveyed to the journalists to refrain from any negative coverage of Martinelli's former Minister of Commerce & Industry, Ricardo Quijano. Both Martinelli and Quijano fled Panama, to avoid criminal prosecution, several months ago.

These threats are reportedly being taken seriously, especially since Quijano is feared in Panama, due to rumors that he was responsible for violent acts against Panamanians who have opposed him, or exposed his corruption. Major Panamanian media outlets, however, are continuing to offer full coverage of the corruption scandals that have named literally all of the members of Martinelli's former cabinet, since they left office.

Ricardo Quijano

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