Saturday, May 9, 2015


Bulk Cash smugglers must be getting bolder these days; state troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) stopped a Ford Focus on Route 281, near the Mexican border, and found $620,000 hidden in the rocker panels of the vehicle. What is noteworthy about the case:

(1) The Ford had Mexican license plates.
(2) the driver was a Mexican national.
(3) Nevertheless, the driver committed a traffic violation in the presence of law enforcement officers. Sounds like speeding, though the report does not specify.

The newest law enforcement agent would find the circumstances suspicious; are the money managers who run these programs so arrogant that they don't take elementary precautions with their transporters ?
This kind of arrogance can only exist because they feel that the odds of a seizure are so low as to justify a total lack of preparation and execution of simple money laundering trade craft. This can only mean enforcement needs to be ramped up, to identify and interdict those bulk cash smugglers who do not commit traffic violations while ferrying drug cash to Mexico.

I know that DPS troopers have a difficult job,  separating legitimate vehicular traffic from cash couriers; perhaps the State of Texas can find some additional funds in its budget to hire additional officers, in a surge of surveillance, in the border area, to catch more southbound bulk cash smugglers, in the act.

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