Monday, May 18, 2015


Note regarding Country Risk: Before you assess the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as low risk for CTF purposes, kindly be advised that, last month, Israeli security services identified a terrorist financing pipeline for Hamas, that flowed through Jordan, to lawyers in the Palestinian Territory of the West Bank (Judea & Samaria), who moved the money to Hamas agents there. Hamas has been financing the terrorist activities of Palestinians in the Territory, which is governed by the PA, but dominated by Fatah, is attempting to expand its influence there. There have been a number of arrests, of Hamas agents, in this area, in 2015.

According to published reports, these financial institutions and NBFIs were involved:
(1) Bank of Jordan.
(2) Islamic Bank.
(3) Jordan National Bank.
(4) The Western Union network in Jordan.
(4) Abdeen Money Exchange.

Significant funds were wired, using Western Union, to Western countries, including the United States then broken up into small amounts, and wired into Jordan. 

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