Friday, May 22, 2015


The bottom fell out of the Venezuelan Bolivar (BsF), also known as the Strong Bolivar, this afternoon. At this writing, you can see above* that the unofficial rate, as of 3:00 PM local time in Venezuela, is 421.45 bolivars to one US Dollar (USD$).

This hyperinflation will drive legitimate businesses in Venezuela to alternate sources of dollars, including illegal entities, such as narcotics traffickers, smugglers, and money launderers. Those sources, in turn may call upon their own sub-sources for additional dollar currency. Please regard any requests for large amounts of bulk cash, from bank clients who have never before asked for such volume, as they may be tempted to profiteer from the Venezuelan financial crisis, and may be engaged with OFAC-sanctioned individuals or entities. They may also fall victim to fraudsters, or place themselves in physical danger, by dealing direct with criminal elements.

Be alert for any client conduct or course of action that is inconsistent with its trade or business, or account history, especially if the client is a Venezuelan national, or corporate entity. Inquire of any client whose recent activities could constitute currency profiteering, to insure that there is nothing occurring that endanger the client, or your bank, and give no Venezuelan client an large amount of currency without making diligent inquiry into why they need all that cash, if they are not a cash-intensive business.
*Dolar Today

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