Saturday, May 23, 2015


Gary James Lundgren, the Alaskan native who has the been the subject of numerous articles on the blog, detailing his fraudulent activities in the Republic of Panama, and violations of the securities laws of Panama, Canada and the United States, has threatened to bring a civil action, to shut down this blog, and seek money damages from this writer. Lundgren, whose many Panama City properties, acquired through fraud and deceit, are no longer rented by eager expats, and he has stopped paying interest monthly to his investors; he will not come to the door of his office, to meet with unhappy clients in person.

Mr. Lundgren, who has not been seen in the United States for years, probably because of his massive tax evasion, as well as his money laundering activities, most notably for the convicted Colombian Ponzi schemer, David Helmut Eduardo Murcia Guzmán, or his securities fraud violations, is welcome to bring an action here in the United States, for he will them be required to appear here for deposition, and there is a strong possibility that he has been indicted here, meaning that he would be arrested upon arrival. Even if he succeeds in bonding out, he still must appear for deposition, where his life of crime in Panama, and in Canada and the US, will be exposed.

File your suit, Mr. Lundgren, for the defense to libel is truth.

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