Thursday, February 9, 2017


Given the allegations of exorbitant application fees and costs, concerning Dominica's opaque diplomatic passport program, and the reasonable suspicion that much of this illicit wealth has found its way into the hands of corrupt government officials, it may now be time to seek outside law enforcement assistance, to locate, and seize, these criminal proceeds, before they can be further hidden, in the world's more obscure tax havens.

Given that a number of Swiss financial institutions have been named, in unverified, but still credible, reports, it follows that Swiss banks themselves, or the authorities, are the appropriate party to investigate. The recent Swiss success, in locating, and freezing, bribes paid to Panamanian officials, by the construction giant, Odebrecht, speaks volumes about the ability of Swiss banking regulators, & law enforcement agencies, to timely identify large accounts containing funds of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

While we must stress that this information has not been verified, as any attempt to do so, would probably violate Swiss confidentiality laws, it is high time to air it in a public venue, in the hope that some agency will then open an investigation. Note that prudence dictates that we redact listed bank account numbers, last known balances and personal information, only leaving the names of the financial institutions, and trusting that either said institutions will take notice, and check their records, or that their regulators will decide to do so.

(1) Credit Suisse.
(2) UBS.
(3) HSBC.

Any funds located and seized are certainly the property of the Commonwealth of Dominica, and should be repatriated to the Treasury Department.


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