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Saturday, February 18, 2017



In what appears to be the first favorable ruling handed down in the case, the US District Judge presiding over the Reza Zarrab Iran sanctions violations case has denied the motion, filed by the US Attorney in New York to disqualify key members of the defense team. In an eleven page opinion, the Court held that there was no conflict of interest.

The Court, after extensive consideration, a Curcio hearing, and extensive briefing of the law by both sides, in a well-reasoned and detailed opinion containing profuse citations, found:

(1) That the defendant accepted counsel, notwithstanding there there were potential conflicts and limitations, regarding the attorneys' defense of him; He waived the conflict.
(2) Based upon the information furnished to the Court, by the parties, the conflicts to not appear, at this time, to disqualify the attorneys from representing Zarrab.
(3) The Court advised the parties that, should there be a change in circumstances, they are to advise the Court.

The trial date has been set for August 21, 2017. The defendant's brother Mohammad, who was charged, but is not in Federal custody, may not be the only other individual indicted. It is known that there are several other co-conspirators, but any indictments that exist will be sealed, until such time as arrests are made, to avoid their flight to avoid prosecution. Some of the unknown defendants may not be Iranian or Turkish nationals, and given the importance which the Department of Justice is prosecuting Zarrab, due to the issues raised, it is probable that there are additional defendants.


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