Thursday, February 23, 2017


Agencies of the Government of Colombia, pursuant to the peace agreement with the FARC, and acting in several Departments, have seized estates, developed properties, and raw land, valued at $98.2m. Most of the owners were retired FARC members, or dissidents who are known to oppose the present government in Bogotá.

You may ask yourself, how can designated terrorist organization, formed in 1964 as the military wing of the Colombian Communist Party, be so wealthy ? It has to do with the cultivation, and sale of illegal narcotics, for North American and European consumers, whose demand never seems to decline, and greed, notwithstanding the FARC's allegedly lofty ideals.

The real score, reported to amount to several billions, in cash, was long ago transported into Panama, and other offshore tax havens, for laundering, and subsequent transfer abroad. Just where is that money, and how much is there in foreign banks ? Remember, the convicted Colombian Ponzi schemer, David Murcia Guzmán, shipped $2-3bn, in cash, into Panama, and most of that was FARC, not DMG, money. where did it all go ? Will the Government of Colombia seek to seize accounts in Panama City banks ? What about money placed in othr tax havens, by FARC money men ?

Some of it was used to purchase units at the Trump Ocean Club, in Panama City, seizing those units, now controlled by the Panamanian fraudster, Gary James Lundgren, who stole the title to the realty, after Murcia was swiftly deported, overnight, to face justice in Colombia, through a process that raised the presumption that Panamanians wanted his arrest, so that they could help themselves to his illicit wealth. Reliable sources have confirmed that a large portion of Murcia's wealth turned a large number of Russian expats into millionaires, overnight.

We hope and trust that the repatriation of illegally-earned cash in foreign bank accounts proceeds in a swift manner, and that the people of Colombia recover at least a large portion of the funds.. 

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