Friday, February 24, 2017


Attorney-criminal and her client

If you were perhaps wondering why all the publicity in Panama this week, concerning Attorney Evelyn Vargas Reynaga, and her arrogant, and illegal, efforts to cover up €3.5m in bribe money, sent to former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli's sons, by the Brazilian contractor, Odebrecht, perhaps it was the tenacity of Swiss authorities. who, after being fed a load of legal fiction, concerning the Source of Funds, dug deeper, until they concluded that it was a totally bogus effort to conceal dirty Martinelli money.

Abogada Vargas, who alleged, in documents she prepared, that the money represented profits from the sale of Panamanian real estate, belonging to Martinelli's two grown sons, Apparently failed to dummy up sales contracts, and other normal evidence of sale, regarding specific pieces of property. At that point, Swiss officials requested assistance from Panama, and Vargas' house of cards came tumbling down. After the INTERPOL Red Notice was issued, Attorney Vargas surrendered to Mexican authorities, rather than risk being injured, or worse, during an arrest, or being dealt with by forces working for Martinelli, who probably is not happy about her mistakes, as well as the fact that his sons also have Red Notices to contend with.

If more Panamanian attorneys who file bogus documents, move dirty money, and lie about their role in a continuing criminal conspiracy, would go to prison, perhaps all those who engage in amoral conduct, disguised as the practice of law, might think twice about continuing their actions.

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