Thursday, February 2, 2017


Okke Ornstein, the Dutch career criminal who publishes fabricated news on the Internet, and then seeks to extort money from his victims, in return for deleting it, failed to attend a mandatory hearing, in his sixth Panama City criminal case, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Ornstein, who has a long history of multiple criminal convictions and sentences, in Panama and in his native Netherlands, is believed to have fled Panama, and to be in hiding in Holland, has $5m and a $1m final judgments of record against him, held by his victims.

Lawyers in Panama advise that Ornstein, after receiving donations to pay his attorney, which were fraudulently solicited online, failed to do so, and his attorney no longer represents him. In another case, where he solicited donations to pay his counsel, he obtained a court-appointed attorney free of charge, and kept those donations as well.

If you live in the Netherlands, and you see this person, report him to your local police immediately, as he is a fugitive for a 1-year prison term there. Do not attempt to apprehend him, as he is a suspect in an unsolved murder in Panama, and he was violent when last arrested, upon arrival at the international airport in Panama City. He masquerades as a journalist and photographer, but in truth and in fact, the aim of any "journalism" he engages in is for the purposes of financial crime.

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