Sunday, February 26, 2017


A lawyer for relatives of some of the Canadian victims of what has come to be known in the media as the Cayman Gang of Four scandal has announced that his clients have engaged a prominent New York entertainment firm, to develop and produce a major motion picture, detailing the story of the $450m theft, which was perpetrated by a crew of expert Canadian fraudsters, and led by a ringleader exiled from the Isle of Man, Sharon Lexa Lamb.

The Cayman Gang of Four; Ryan Bateman (Alberta), Sharon Lexa Lamb (IOM), and Derek Butain (PEI) 

Set in Toronto, Grand Cayman, and some of the other Caribbean tax havens, the movie will tell the story of a gang that set out to commit the perfect crime,  how they used two Canadian wealth management firms as cover, and how their financial success was eventually thwarted by an investigator obsessed with finding the missing millions. The project is now in development, with a script completion date already set, and with principal photography to start later this year, in the Caribbean.

The premiere showing will reportedly be in Toronto, and the spokesman indicated that all efforts will be made to place Canadian actors in the principal role, and that the tentative working title will be "The Great Canadian Ripoff."

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