Friday, February 3, 2017


When it comes to St Kitts & Nevis Economic Passports, the hits just keep on coming. OFAC sanctions, for violation of sanctions regarding the prohibited ballistic missile program, have been imposed upon an Iranian national residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), named Kambiz Rostamian, who is shown to hold a St Kitts passport, Number RE0003026 .

What's wrong with this picture ?  Mr. Rostamian* is the CEO and Director of a company called MKS International group; this firm has been accused of procuring controlled technology, and materials, in support of Iran's prohibited ballistic missile development program.

Notwithstanding the multiple public statements, announcing that the Citizenship by Investment program has been completely reformed and updated, the old nightmares keep popping up, when you least expect it. St Kitts should, like Antigua is promising it will do with its diplomatic passports, recall ALL its CBI passports, and issue biometric documents, to replace them. That program would allow SKN to weed out all the chaff, meaning unsuitable/criminal/fugitives/usual suspects, from those legitimate holders of economic passports.

* Note to UK compliance officers: Rostamian is the sole director of a UK firm called
   BTS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. is this company the UK branch of the Iranian firm known as
   Beh Tarashan Sepahan Company ? Why is it still in good standing, and not closed down by the UK ?   

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