Friday, February 5, 2016


Ismael Gerli Champsaur
Rogelio Arosemena, the criminal defense lawyer for Ismael Gerli Champsaur, charged with fraud and grand theft in the Republic Panama, in connection with the conversion, by Gerli, of his former clients' assets, has made several very damaging admissions, regarding Gerli. Arosemena has unqualifiedly stated that his lawyer-client violated the Attorney-Client Privilege, and the laws of Spain, when he gave information to Spanish prosecutors, in the Canary Islands.

According to Arosemena, Ismael Gerli reportedly told Spanish authorities, in a sworn statement, that his former clients, Vladimir Kokorev, and his family, laundered money for President Obiang,  the leader of Equatorial Guinea. Not only was the information untrue, as the courts had previously ruled, but the disclosure of any information Gerli had received from his clients, was barred by the Attorney-Client Privilege. Gerli's statements violated Spanish, as well as Panamanian, law, and are not admissible for any purpose.

The Kokorev family has filed criminal charges against Gerli, for stealing over a million dollars of their real estate, through fraudulent document preparation, and forgery, in Panama City.

Furthermore, the Panamanian attorney representing Gerli admitted that his client had publicly stated that he had testified against the Kokorevs, in connection with a closed Spanish investigation; this is contrary to Gerli's obligation to keep the circumstances of the investigation confidential. Contrary to Gerli's claims, he was not summoned to Spain to testify, but went there on his own, to give a statement. Kokorev asserts that Gerli was trying to extort $300,000 from him, and stated that he would recant his testimony, if he received the money. Gerli has been described by Panama insiders as a known money launderer, operating in Belize, and other Caribbean tax havens.

Attorney Arosemena has previously represented Panamanians wanted in the United States, on money laundering charges; he has also warned the local media not to print the name of his client, and threatened to bring a civil suit if it appears in a news article.

Additionally, Sr. Arosemena has stated that Kokorev family attorneys, who have filed a criminal charge, personally,against Gerli, for libel and slander, have improperly brought that case. Gerli is wanted in Nicaragua, on money laundering charges, is wanted in Spain in a fraud case, and is a person of interest, in Russia & the Ukraine, in other fraud matters. Panama has not extradited him to face any of those pending cases.

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