Saturday, February 13, 2016


Two news websites have received what purport to be copyright  notices, claiming that sites carrying news of fugitive fraudster Cayman Gang of Four Ryan Bateman, which include his photograph, violate Bateman's copyright. It appears to be an effort to intimidate anyone who is publishing news about Bateman, to keep his photograph off the Internet.

 The language of the demands, sent by a defamation specialist at the Cincinnati law firm of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP. was precisely the same in both letters. It warned the recipients that Bateman was the copyright owner of the photo, and that use of the photo was neither authorized by him, or pursuant to law, and demanded that it be removed.

Readers familiar with the term "Fair Use" know that the use of copyrighted information, in news articles, of an image, is specifically allowed, under US statutory and case law. We also note that nowhere, in Bateman's own posting of his photo, is there indication or embedding, indicating that the image is copyright-protected. Furthermore, Bateman has failed to timely object, when the image was published, in over 70 news articles, on the Internet, during the past two years.

We are at a loss to understand why such an experienced Internet attorney, from a large law firm, disregarded the law, in sending the demand letter to media. His firm has been monitoring all the articles about their client's Cayman Islands mega-fraud, his fugitive status, from a felony charge, and his sordid past, in the securities field, for several weeks, and his photo has shown up on this blog, many times in the part six months.

The photo, as it appeared in the Curacao Chronicle
If Bateman should choose to file a civil suit, upon any grounds, against any media source, contesting the truth and accuracy of the reports, he would subsequently be required to present himself for deposition; at that time, any law enforcement agency with a charge against him, could take him into custody; we look forward to seeing him sue those who write about his crimes. The defense to libel is truth.

 If prospective investors do not see Bateman's image, then they may fall victim to any frauds he perpetrates in the future. We want his photo to be widely distributed, as he allegedly was a major player in the theft of $450m, from accounts of Canadian & American retirees and pensioner, in the Cayman Gang of four scandal, which has been widely reported in the media for the past eight months. The Cayman Gang of Four are the trader Ryan Bateman, ex-Dundee Banker Sharon Lexa Lamb (the ringleader), former Dundee Bank President Derek Buntain, and B & C Capital/Bateman Capital Managing Director, Fernando Motto Mendes.


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  1. Ryan Bateman has not money except what he stole from Highgate and from the victims of the Cayman Gang of Four. How did Vorys get paid? In stolen money is one possibility?


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