Monday, February 22, 2016


Leonardo Paul Aparicio, attorney for Ricardo Martinelli

Former Panamanian President, Ricardo Martinelli, who fled his native country when details of his criminal conduct became public knowledge, and obtained an illegal appointment to the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) in January, 2015, has failed to attend any of the five meetings of that body, and is considered to be in beach of his obligations, and subject to expulsion, by the membership.

Of course, inasmuch as Martinelli was not properly elected, nor appointed, as an alternative member, his status is questionable at best, but his arrogance in failing to show up for a single meeting of the organization, since he claimed to be a member, is additional evidence that the sole reason for his PARLACEN affiliation was to hide behind the immunity conferred upon delegates.

One wonder why his principal attorney, Leonardo Paul Aparicio, failed to insure that his client attended at least some of the scheduled meetings, to avoid the appearance of impropriety that has resulted from his breach of duty. Attorney Paul, who as a former prosecutor, was certainly aware of his client's obligations as a PARLACEN member, and his regular visits to Martinelli in Miami gave him ample opportunity to insure that he was aware of those duties.

It is not known whether his lack of attendance at mandatory organization meetings was a factor in the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice ruling dismissing Paul's Constitutional argument against extraditing his client from the United States, to stand trial on a dozen major criminal charges.

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