Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Supernotes inside warehouse in ROK
It appears that there is another player in the mystery surrounding the Series 2006 US one hundred dollar "Supernote," the literally undetectable counterfeit North Korean-manufactured American currency that has strangely remained stored, in controlled environments, in East Asia, since its production. An exemplar of that note was examined, in a laboratory, by a US law enforcement agency, which concluded that it was of Chinese, and not North Korean, origin.Why would it make that mistake ?

Sources in South Korea state that the Supernotes, huge quantities of which remain in obscurity in cold storage in seven military and government facilities there, though of North Korean manufacture, were shipped through the Peoples' Republic, and that there are also warehouses inside China that contain pallets of Supernotes, as well as of counterfeit currency of Asian countries.

One additional note; though we tend to regard the organized crime syndicate that is known to control the Supernotes in the ROK as ethnically South Korean, it has major branches in Taiwan ( ROC), Hong Kong, and the PRC. It is therefore more international than South Korean.

If China has virtual command and control over the Supernote sites, through its affiliation with organized crime, and thus the ability, on order, to distribute in quantity, it may be in charge here, and not the DPRK. In any event, the truth, of known to US intelligence services, is nonpublic, classified information, and we will continue to be completely in the dark about the Supernote's latest, and apparently the most authentic version, and what will eventually become of the vast amounts of this most dangerous counterfeit. 

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