Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Monday, January 30, 2017


The global, unsupervised sale of diplomatic passports of Dominica, by agents who do not appear to have either any professional qualifications, training, or supervision, continues to stain Dominica's reputation, with no end in sight. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the engaged expert outside consultant (no name supplied by her) will not even file his report before July, 2017, Meanwhile, here is an example of what is happening daily:

A Dominican, who is interested in the termination of this dangerous program, contacted an agent in Southeast Asia, posing as a British citizen. He requested details on the Diplomatic Passport Program. the agent was quite candid:

(1) My fee/commission is USD$80,000 .
(2) the cost of the  diplomatic passport is $500,000 . (Tell me that this is not a clearly excessive fee).
(3) You will deposit the money in an account of the Citizenship by Investment program, in a bank located in Singapore. (Why is the account not in a bank in the EU or North America, I wonder?)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, by the way has refused to share her list of all the foreign nationals holding Dominican Diplomatic Passports, with the people of Dominica. How many more of these bogus passports are going to be sold, and the money diverted, between now and July, I wonder ?  

Dominicans, is this how you want a government program run ?

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